There Are So Many Benefits of Facials for Your Skin

By Le Salon Cache October 18, 2019 11:07 pm

Few things feel as good, or leave you feeling better about yourself than a great facial.  However, facials aren’t merely an amazing way to pamper yourself!  They also bring lots of benefits to your body, mind, and maybe even your soul.  That’s why we recommend all our clients get facials, and often.

There are more great benefits of facials for your skin than we could fully list… but here are some of our favorite reasons you should schedule your next facial!

Four Great Benefits of Facials for Your Skin

  • Detoxification

Your skin builds up plenty of oils, dirt, and other grime.  This isn’t just unsightly – it leads to skin breakouts or even skin infections!  Having regular facials ensures your face is free of any unwanted materials, keeping your skin healthier and helping it maintain its youthful look over time.

  • Safely remove blackheads and whiteheads

Even people with the best of skin can accidentally get a blemish.  It can be tempting to take care of them the “old fashioned way” by squeezing… but you shouldn’t!  This is very dangerous for your skin and can easily lead to scarring or infection.  Fortunately, whitehead and blackhead removal are always part of a good facial, and your beauty technician will have the tools to safely remove these irritants.

  • Exfoliation

It sounds gross, but it’s a fact: your skin is constantly dying, with the dead cells piling up on top of the old ones.  Too much buildup of these dead cells will make your skin feel rough and dry, clog your pores, inhibit your skin from breathing, or even invite more skin mites onto your face.  A facial is the safe and oh-so-nice way to remove this dead skin and restore the look of your healthy skin below.

  • Reduce stress

Did you know facials are a genuine stress reliever?  Scientific studies have shown that facials can truly reduce anxiety levels, by activating your sympathetic nervous system.  That happy glow you feel after a facial isn’t just your imagination – your mind and body are thanking you for the lovely care.

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