What You Should Do After A Salon Facial in Arizona

By Le Salon Cache October 2, 2019 8:52 pm

Getting a facial is one of the nicest and most relaxing ways you can clean your face, particularly when you get it from an Arizona facial salon which will pamper you.  A good facial will quickly remove any dirt, oils, and other dark spots – leaving you feeling refreshed and clean.

However, a little bit of after-care is still called for.  Your skin will be a bit sensitive later, and you need to take good care of yourself to make the most of your facial.  Here are some of the tips we share with our clients.

How to Best Treat Yourself After Visiting an Arizona Facial Salon

First, be sure your skin is in the right condition for a facial.  If you are experiencing acne, or if you have a burn or bruise on your face, you will want to wait.  All of these can be made worse by a facial.  Fortunately, your salon will let you know if today isn’t the right day for a facial.

Then after your facial, you should:

  • Avoid touching your face.  Touching or rubbing your face for the next few hours can transfer dirt or bacteria from your face to your pores.  Try to avoid contact, so you can get the most benefit.
  • Wait at least two hours to wash your face.  Otherwise, you’ll wash off some of the helpful oils and products which are there to make your skin look amazing!
  • Don’t put on makeup for a few hours.   This will interfere with the products already on your face.   Low-grade cosmetics could even cause damage.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 3-4 hours.  Your skin will be especially susceptible to UV radiation immediately after a facial because your pores have been opened.  Try to stay indoors for a few hours.
  • Don’t pluck your eyebrows.  Because your skin is very sensitive right after a facial, this won’t feel good.  As with other activities, wait a few hours for your skin to become less sensitive.
  • Use gentle face washes for a couple of days.  Continue to avoid artificial cleaning products for two days after the facial.  To wash your face, either use pure water or make a face wash from fresh non-acidic fruits or vegetables, such as cucumbers.

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