The skin care specialists from Le Salon Cache are dedicated to helping our clients maintain their beauty by providing first-rate waxing services and beauty products. In addition to being the area’s only provider of Biologique Recherche skin care products, we also operate a full-service beauty salon, specializing in high-quality waxing services for both women and men.

Whether you simply want to touch up your look or are preparing for a vacation, visiting Le Salon Cache for a waxing can be a refreshing and revitalizing experience. We offer face hair removal and waxing services for the eyebrow, lips, chin, and cheeks. Le Salon Cache is also equipped to provide full-body waxing services and bikini waxes, as well as waxing for men (neck, chest, back, and stomach).

If you haven’t previously visited a local salon for a body or facial wax, here are some of the benefits you can expect after your visit to Le Salon Cache:

  • Skin Health: Waxing will remove your hair, but the process also exfoliates your skin. When you have a wax, you’ll also remove dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis, which keeps your skin healthy and vibrant.
  • Minimal Irritation: If you find hair removal creams and epilation techniques irritating to the skin, then a professional body or facial wax is ideal. Waxing performed by a professional helps reduce irritation.
  • Smoother Skin: Since waxing removes stray and unwanted hairs and also exfoliates the skin, you’ll leave with skin that looks great and is extremely smooth to the touch.
  • Longer-Lasting Results: One of the reasons why many clients visit Le Salon Cache for waxing services is because other hair removal methods just don’t last long enough. However, since professional waxing removes hair at the root, it takes much longer for hairs to grow back.
  • Thinner & Finer Hair: After repeated waxing, you’ll find that your hair grows back thinner and finer. This makes it less of a nuisance, in addition to being easier to wax the next time.

Schedule your professional body or facial wax with Le Salon Cache now!

If the benefits above have sold you or you’re simply tired of fighting with the razor each morning, Le Salon Cache can help. Contact us today to schedule your professional body or facial waxing appointment. You can also visit us online for a look at the quality skin care products we carry and other services we offer.


Face Wax

Eyebrow $15

Eyebrow tint $12

Lip $10

Chin $10

Cheeks $12

Body Waxing

Full Arm $40

Half Arm $25

Underarm $15

Full Leg $55

Half Leg $35

Specialty Wax

Bikini $40

Mens Wax

Neck $15

Back $35-$45

Chest/Stomach $35-$45

*prices may vary