Duo Preparation U.V 50 ml

Step 1: Preparation UV

Preparation UV is a crucial preventative step that defends the skin from the long-term effects of sun damage.  This complex product boosts the skin’s own natural protection mechanisms to:

  • Prevent pigment spot deposits;
  • Stop the formation of free radicals and wrinkles;
  • Reduce allergic reactions;
  • Protect skin cell functions.

The Methodology

Before sun exposure our melanin levels are their lowest point, and our skin’s natural protection capabilities are minimal.  Biologique Recherche utilizes a combination of natural and plant-based melanin boosters to increase the skin’s protection level.  Preparation UV also contains antioxidant tripeptides and rosemary oil to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals caused by the sun, and a micro-algae to promote reconditioning enzymes that prevent the deposit of yellow or brown spots.

   Duo Protection U.V. 50 ml

Step 2: Protection UV SPF:25

Protection UV combines 100% natural non-nanoparticulate zinc, tandem oxide, filters and innovative plant-based ingredients to form Triple Shield© that protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of UVA, UVB, and Infrared rays.  This rich formulation provides:

Water-resistant mineral UVA/UVB & infrared protection; Defense against wrinkling and pigmentation caused by UV Exposure; Strengthening of the skin barrier for increased hydration; Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory protection.

The Methodology

Protection UV’s Triple Shield Complex© safely reflects the entire spectrum of harmful solar wavelengths, while its use of a unique heat-resistant marine algae, karanja oil and protective esters derived from rice guard the skin from infrared light.  Innovative plant-based ingredients protect against the further effects of photodmage, to keep the skin healthy, toned and vibrant.

   Duo Reparation U.V. 50 ml

Step 3: Reparation UV

Reparation UV acts as a soothing, repairing and moisturizing after sun treatment that helps to reverse the many skin concerns linked to sun exposure.  This formulation for all Skin Instants will:

  • Soothe inflammation and calm sensitivity cause by UV radiation;
  • Refresh dull complexions by fighting free radicals and glycation;
  • Normalize the skin cycle and promote healthy hydration levels in the skin;
  • Replenish lost moisture and repair skin cell barriers.

The Methodology

To combat the results of UV exposure, Biologique Recherche uses a combination of high performance ingredients including kudzu and white tea extracts to calm inflammation and improve skin elasticity.  The light lotion is also formulated to fight the signs of aging with its soothing, anti-oxidant, hydrating, and anti-glycation formulation.