Biologique Recherche methodology starts with a unique skin assessment which combines an analysis of the client’s skin and life-style. An appropriate treatment protocol is applied on the basis of this assessment. At each stage of the treatment, the beautician interprets the skin’s reactions and adapts her gestures accordingly.
In this section you will find the Biologique Recherche face care treatment protocols. This non-exhaustive list of skin care techniques serves as a basis to help you harness the full potential and efficacy of Biologique Recherche’s products and methods.

– A painter follows his inspiration and the colors he chooses give life to his work. In the same way, I offer you products and techniques which can serve as your own instruments of expression, revealing your personal talent, your experience and your know-how.” Yvan Allouche.



Face Treatment Matrix


Custom Facial Treatments in Scottsdale, AZ

The three stages of treatment

1. Assessment Stage:

Using a specific physiological, behavioral and tactile approach, each person’s “Skin Instant” is assessed so that the most appropriated tailored beauty treatment can be recommended.

2. Initialization Stage:

the skin is prepared and cleansed to restore the epidermis’ natural regeneration properties.

The Initialization Stage is a crucial part of the Biologique Recherche Methodology. During this stage, the epidermis is thoroughly cleansed, its pH is balanced, it is gently exfoliated and its proteo-lipidic film is restored. Impurities and dead cells are gradually brought to the surface and eliminated. After this stage, which comprises make-up removal followed by gentle exfoliation and a mask, the skin is ready to receive the Treatment Stage products.

3.Treatment Stage:

The treatment applied during this fundamental stage is designed to leave the complexion beautiful and radiant.

This stage is the most active moment of the Biologique Recherche skin care program. The products that are used during this stage contain high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts. When applied in accordance with the Biologique Recherche Methodology, they balance, hydrate and revitalize the epidermis. The active ingredients work progressively. To improve the quality of the skin and leave the complexion radiant.


Explanation of treatment methods

1. Initial boosters

This is the Exfoliation stage, custom to whether you need  lifting and firming, resurfacing, or pigment correction.Skin Care Rejuvenation Scottsdale, AZ


2. Cofactors

This stage of the process we choose a specific mask treatment according to what your skin. It is usually performed after either the  initialization booster process and/or the super booster process . This masque treatment is a highly concentrated and heitened formula to advance a plumping effect, smoothing and resurfacing, or pigment corection state.

3. Super Booster

Remodeling Face Machine  combines the power and synergies of electrical and high-frequency current with the efficiency of the BR (Biologique Recherche)  products, the combination  can reinvigorate  the skin by stimulating epidermal cells


It helps to reshape the face neck and décolleté, reduces circles around the eyes and tones that eyelids making your eyes look wider,  it revitalizes the quality of the epidermis and improves the texture and tones the skin which is visible after first session.   This machine can also prepare the skin tissue for medical surgical procedures as well as delay the need for any plastic surgery.


– Micro puncture lab

The micro puncture lab  is a  superficial procedure that stimulates collagen production. It does  not lift the epidermis and therefore does not cause trauma.  It is significantly more accurate than a roller, enabling targeted and perfectly controllable results .  This procedure is always followed with a cofactor treatment.