Can Waxing Permanently Reduce Hair Growth?

By Le Salon Cache August 15, 2019 8:52 pm

Women everywhere already know that waxing leaves them with amazingly smooth, touchable skin for a week or longer.  It’s far more effective at hair removal than shaving!  However, there’s another aspect to waxing that women are often curious about: can waxing permanently reduce hair growth?

The answer is… yes and no.  Currently, nothing except for laser surgery can truly halt all hair growth forever.  However, waxing regularly can definitely affect your hair growth, or make it so that you have to go in for waxing less frequently.

How Waxing Can Reduce Hair Growth in Some Women

So, how can waxing affect hair growth?  It has to do with how waxing works.  When you wax, it doesn’t merely pull out the hairs – it pulls out the entire follicle as well.  This prevents hair regrowth until your body can regenerate the follicle and start making new hair again.

With regular waxing, eventually, your follicles can become damaged.  With each waxing, it becomes harder for your body to rebuild the entire follicle.

As a result, most women report that their hair growth becomes thinner, softer, and finer.  In some cases, the hair becomes so fine that it’s almost imperceptible!  Hair regrowth also slows down – and since waxing requires at least 1/4 of an inch of hair to work, that means less hair removal sessions!

However, it’s important to keep in mind that every woman’s body is different, and so their hair growth patterns will be different as well.  Some women see dramatic changes in how their hair grows in after waxing, others less so.  Also, a lot of lifestyle factors can affect how fast or how thick your hair grows.

In addition, it is necessary to wax regularly.  Should you stop waxing entirely, your body will eventually repair those damaged follicles, and your hair growth will return to what it used to be.

Basically, waxing will reduce hair growth to some extent, but exactly how much simply varies from person to person.

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