How A Simple Regimen with Biologique Recherche Products Creates Amazing Skin

By Le Salon Cache September 20, 2019 7:57 am

At Le Salon Cache, we proudly stock Biologique Recherche products – one of the greatest brands of skin care in the world, imported direct.  A full Biologique Recherche regimen is easy to maintain and can do absolute wonders for your skin – seeming to take years off while making your skin healthier.

Here’s an easy seven-step regimen that anyone can do!

Seven Steps to Amazing Skin with Biologique Recherche Products

  1. Cleansing

Great skin starts with clean skin!  The Lait VIP O2 is the perfect start to a Biologique regimen, removing impurities from your skin in a gentle way that won’t strip out any essential oils.

  1. Toning

When it comes to toning, nothing beats the legendary Lotion P50 – one of the most popular toning lotions in the world.  Gently pat this on with a cotton pad, and it will exfoliate, balance, and purify the skin.  It also opens the pores for further treatment!

Does your skin seem overly dry or sensitive?  A little L’Eauxygenante oxygenating mist after the P50 will quickly rehydrate your skin and leave it feeling great.

  1. Boosting

To plump the skin, minimizing any wrinkles or crow’s feet, the boosting Lotion MC 110 N1 is just the thing.  Use it once or twice a week after treatment with Lotion P50.

  1. Mask

No great skin care regimen is complete without a mask.  Biologique Recherche has so many to choose from, depending on your needs.  We suggest the Masque VIP O2 for oxygenation, the Masque Visolastine+ for hydration, or the Biomagic Mask for skin tightening.  Whatever you choose, you’ll surely love the results!

  1. Serum
    There are also a wide range of serums available from Biologique Recherche, and better yet, most of them can be mixed-and-matched to get the perfect effect.  For example, you could use Serum Erythros for targeting, followed by Amniotique E after a couple of minutes for a youthful recharge. However, it’s important to note that Erythros serum is specifically targeted for those with red skin and rosacea only.
  2. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is critical in a regime, particularly after masks and serums.  For a great all-around choice, we recommend Gel ADN Silkgen, which is super light and smooth.

  1. Finishing

The final step is a finishing serum, to lock in all the goodness from the rest of the regimen.  Le Grand Serum is a great finisher and one we heartily recommend.

Our Team at Le Salon Cache Can Help

Le Salon Cache is an exclusive by-appointment-salon featuring the best in Biologique Recherche products.  To make an appointment and get advice on the best Biologique regimen for your face, just contact us!