4 Must-Have Biologique Recherche Products

By Le Salon Cache June 3, 2019 6:37 am

There are a ton of skincare products out there, making choosing the best one for you can often be difficult. Many try one and then another with little success, so when they find a product that works they stick with it. This is why so many have chosen to trust their skin care to French brand Biologique Recherche. It’s one of the only skincare product lines out there that contains pure ingredients as their base.

Below, the team from Le Salon Cache, the only supplier of Biologique Recherche products in Arizona, want to highlight some of the vendor’s most popular offerings.

Lotion P50 Skin Toner

 If you’re looking for a gentle, all-in-one toner then their lotion P50 toner is ideal. It helps tone and exfoliate the skin, balancing out your keratin levels for a healthy, revitalized glow. Lotion P50 toner also clears away dead skin cells and regulates your skin’s oil production, keeping it moisturized.

Lait VIP O2 Cleanser

 Cleanliness is important, especially where your skin is concerned. That’s why every great skincare routine begins with a solid cleanser, like Biologique Recherche’s Lait VIP O2 cleanser. Made with natural ingredients like silk, cucumber, and mimosa bark extract, as well as lactic acid, this cleanser provides your skin with the oxygen and hydration it needs to stay healthy and clean.

Grand Millésime Finishing Serum

 Packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and other natural ingredients, the Grand Millésime Finishing Serum protects your skin against the environmental effects and pollution often present in urban settings. It also gives your skin a boost, firming it and smoothing it out, while plumping it up and hydrating it.

Masque VIP O2

Biologique Recherche’s Masque VIP O2 can really brighten up your day…at least as far as your skin is concerned anyway. That’s because it contains essential, all-natural fatty acids, in addition to ingredients like marine collagen and elastin. This mask will help your skin detox while simultaneously toning, hydrating and protecting it.

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